Monday, February 9, 2009

Riding The Clock

When God hired Nebuchadnezzar's buddy, Nebuzaradan,

to clean His house, this brutal fellow had no clue who
sent him there or signed his checks.
A Love that toys with human minds who cannot grasp it,
flings out discipline to rescue children from their own profanity;
severs the masochistic limbs they use to flog and soothe themselves.
Through the brawn of circumstance and such thugs' ugly fists,
God bends their hearts behind their backs until they scream for more.
Most lovingly, He peels their eyes and steals their tears
and when the time is only right,
when the moment has been stretched across their gasps for air
and as they fall and in death, stare,
He closes up His hand around them,
smothers out their blindness, breathes between His fingers,
oils their skins.
Yet, today as then,
few of them will later celebrate that first dawn of the slaughter man,
that invasive, evil agent who only knew to
strap and kill the names writ on his list;
they cannot see him as the hero God employed him as.
Somewhat healed,
they are quickly satisfied to claim their earned redemptions,
line up for their bonus points, and then retrace their bloody steps
back to their killing trees.

Regarding Jeremiah 52:1-30
Copyright (c) 2008 Gary Brown

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